Basement Drains

Basement floor drains can be a source of great frustration for homeowners. They can be the source of everything from inaccessible clogs to foul odors, and servicing can result in big bills, especially if you also experienced back-up that caused damage to your basement and belongings.

At Gettemy Drain, we first determine the source of your problem, then properly repair it so you have peace of mind that you will not have water in your basement the next rainy day.

Floor drains are common in basements, and they should be equipped with a trap that holds a pool of water that blocks the odors caused by escaping sewer gas. Some systems also are equipped with backwater valves—gates that close when heavy rain causes reverse flow in the main sewer line to your home, thereby preventing the basement back-up homeowners often face when local sewers are overwhelmed.

Our professionals are trained to handle any issue with your basement drain, including inspecting and repairing drain traps and installing a new backwater valve if your basement back-up is caused by inadequate city sewers and a rising water table. If blockage is your problem, our technicians will find the source of the clog using our state-of-the-art sewer camera.

Your basement drain line can easily become blocked with debris, mud and roots. Our trucks are fully equipped to clear stubborn clogs with an electric snake or high-pressure jetting. If our camera detects a break in your line, our technicians can handle the repair with minimal damage to your basement floor or yard.

Count on the experts at Gettemy Drain to handle any basement drain issue.

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