Bathtub and Shower Drains

A minor drain clog in your bathroom can probably be handled with a plunger and some persistence. For stubborn clogs and back-ups in your tubs and showers, call Gettemy Drain.

Our professionals use electric snakes to push through stubborn clogs that are too deep for your plunger or your home snake. It is best to avoid using harsh drain cleaners which are usually a temporary solution and can damage your pipes.

Tub and shower drains often are a frustration for homeowners, because the combination of hair, soap scum and pet fur that collects and builds up along the sides of the pipes can create a consistently slow running drain. You can combat that problem somewhat with a little preventive maintenance.

  • Use a strainer or hair catch in your tub drain and clean it after each use to prevent hair from running in the drain and water from pooling around the drain.

  • Clean frequently around the drain area to remove soap scum that can attract hair and lint.

  • If draining begins to slow, remove the strainer and apply a flat plunger to free blockage near the top of the drain.

Call Gettemy Drain for bathtub and shower drain clogs and get your drains running clear before they become an emergency.

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