Commercial Service Contracts

At Gettemy Drain, we understand that a clogged toilet can create chaos in an office building. A clogged drain or a problem with a backflow system can shut your restaurant down and cost you thousands in lost revenue. Let us help you avoid these problems by arranging annual inspections.

Our commercial service contracts provide for inspections of your plumbing systems so we catch breakdowns, slow drains and backflow issues before they are emergencies. Basic repairs and inspections can usually keep your plumbing running smoothly.

In office settings we’ll check toilets and sinks for obstructions and leaks. In office lunch rooms we inspect faucets and water lines, as well as drains for clogs and odors. We make repairs as necessary and note maintenance items that will be needed in the future.

Restaurants benefit significantly from annual inspections, as sink and floor drains can be especially vulnerable to clogs due to grease and food debris. We ascertain that drains are running clear by cleaning grease traps and using our camera wherever necessary to identify potential problems.

Backflow prevention systems are required in many areas and generally need annual servicing to assure proper operation. Our professionals fully inspect your backflow system and perform any needed repairs so you never have to worry about water quality in your office or restaurant.

Call today for details on how we can help you maintain your plumbing systems with a commercial service contract.

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