Garbage Disposals

It may be the most abused appliance in the home, but the average homeowner probably does not know it. Your garbage disposal will give you much more reliable service if you take care to keep food debris small and you run your disposal fully with each use.

The most common disposal problem is a clog, usually because of overloading with food debris. It is important to understand the dos and don’ts of your garbage disposal. While it may seem obvious that your disposal will not handle glass, plastic, metal or paper, there also are some food items to avoid.

  • Potato peels in large quantities

  • Stringy vegetables, such as celery

  • Egg shells

  • Coffee grounds-they will settle in your drain

  • Bones and fruit pits

  • Grease-it will coat the gears

  • Pasta and rice in large quantities, as they expand

If you do experience a clog, you can try resetting your disposal (the button is on the bottom) or check if your model has a hex key jam clearing tool. The slot for this tool would be on the bottom of the disposal.

If you still are unable to clear or repair a clogged garbage disposal, call the professionals at Gettemy drain. Our skilled technicians are prepared to handle the most stubborn clog and have the equipment and parts on hand to make any repair.

Ready for a new disposal? Our crew is happy to handle the installation so you can get your kitchen back in action.

You can avoid those service calls by following these tips to keep your disposal running in top condition.

  • Run cold water while running your disposal to help in grinding grease particles and soft food debris.

  • Cut large items into smaller pieces before placing them in the disposal.

  • Run your disposal frequently to prevent corrosion and build-up of deposits that can hinder the gears.

  • Keep your disposal clean by running it occasionally with a little dish soap and cold water.

  • Never use harsh chemicals, such as bleach or drain cleaners, in your disposal, as they can damage the blades and your pipes.

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