Maintenance Contracts

The best way to avoid drain problems, including clogged and sluggish drains, is to practice careful maintenance of all drains in your home. This means taking care to protect floor drains from debris or foreign objects that could fall into them. It also means educating family members as to proper care when using drains, the toilet and the garbage disposal.

However, even meticulous care may not prevent the sluggishness that can result from routine daily use of your home plumbing system. An occasional professional cleaning can go a long way in keeping your drains running efficiently.

At Gettemy Drain, our technicians can check your drains and plumbing for potential problems and address minor clogs or issues before they become an emergency or an expensive repair.

Indoors, we can inspect kitchen and bathroom drains, including sinks, tubs and showers; toilets; garbage disposals, including gears; floor drains in basements and laundry rooms; and backwater valve systems. Outdoors, our technicians can inspect garage and patio floor drains for debris, window well drains that may be covered with mud or leaves, and gutter and downspout drains, which can frequently become clogged underground. Our maintenance program can help catch those leaves and sticks in your gutters before they make it into your downspouts.

Call us today for more information about maintenance contracts that may be appropriate for your home plumbing situation.

Underground Downspouts Cleaned and Installed