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Businesses in general and food service businesses in particular face a unique set of challenges when it comes to plumbing. Drain clogs are more frequent and more difficult to address. You need a professional drain cleaner with knowledge and experience in keeping commercial drains running clear.

Don’t wait for a clogged drain to interfere with your business. The professionals at Gettemy Drain have the equipment and expertise to keep your drains clear and your business running smoothly.

The key issues for restaurant drains, sinks and public bathrooms are volume and debris. First, more people are using sinks and toilets in a public place. Worse is what winds up down those drains. In restrooms it may be excessive amounts of toilet paper, paper towels, and baby and feminine products that should not be flushed. In kitchens, food debris and thick cooking oils are often the culprits for slow or stopped drains.

The technicians at Gettemy Drain arrive quickly with the proper equipment to clear your drains so you can get back to focusing on your business. We inspect plumbing, drains and grease traps to identify your problem, and then use commercial grade electric snakes to break through stubborn clogs. We also can identify more serious problems using sewer cameras to navigate through pipes, thereby giving our experts a visual look at your problem and enabling them to implement the best solution.

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For the toughest clogs, we bring in a high pressure jetting service. Jetting high pressure water through pipes is often the most efficient way to break through the severe clogs faced by those in the food service industry.

For expert and efficient commercial drain cleaning in Salem, Youngstown or the surrounding area, contact Gettemy Drain today.

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