Expert water line repair and installation in Salem, Ohio

A minor drain clog in your kitchen or bathroom can probably be handled with a plunger and some persistence. For stubborn clogs, back-ups in your basement or broken water lines, you need the experts at Gettemy Drain.

Don’t wait until a clog has upset your family routine. Our trained professionals arrive quickly with the proper equipment to identify and clear your drain completely. Clogs in toilets and shower drains can be deep in the pipe. We use electric snakes to push through stubborn clogs no matter how deep they are.


Basement back-up

Have you experienced water, even sewage, backing up in your basement? Our experts will first determine the source of the back-up so it can be properly remedied.

Often back-up in your basement is water and debris produced in your home that cannot get out due to a blockage in your main drain line. At Gettemy, we use a sewer camera to locate the blockage and visually determine if it is debris, roots or a broken sewer line. Our technicians are equipped to address the problem, either by replacing the line or clearing the blockage using our electric snake or our high pressure jetting service. Pushing high pressure water through these especially tough clogs has proven to be highly effective in these cases.

What if the sewage back-up in your basement is a result of heavy rain and flooding? This is called back flow and it typically happens when heavy rain overwhelms local sewers, raising the water table and pushing water and sewage back through basement drains, shower drains and any other drain at your home’s lowest level.

Our technicians can correct this problem in your home by installing a gate, known as a backwater valve. This valve senses reverse flow in your main line that may occur during heavy rain or flooding and closes it off from the outside sewer system before water can enter your basement.

We also can help you keep your basement dry by cleaning and/or installing underground downspouts. Ask us about our downspout services.


Call Gettemy for water line repair or replacement in Salem, Ohio

A loss of water pressure, soggy spots in your yard or rust in your water could be signs that you need to replace your water line. Don’t wait! Call the experts at Gettemy Drain to inspect your water lines and locate the problem fast.

The main water line to your house is crucial to keeping your fresh water flowing. At Gettemy we take the guess work out by using our cameras to locate the exact problem and location. Our technicians can then repair your water line or replace a section quickly and without digging up your whole yard to find the leak.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff handle all the details, so there is no need to worry about permits and building codes. We work with your community so you can be assured that your new or repaired water line meets all city requirements and will give you many years of safe and reliable service.


When you need help with slow drains, broken water lines or basement back-up in your home in the Salem, Youngstown and surrounding area, call Gettemy Drain for service you can rely on.

Underground Downspouts Cleaned and Installed