Sewer Camera

At Gettemy Drain we don’t guess about your sewer or water line problem. We use state-of-the-art cameras to locate the exact problem and location, so our technicians can make repairs without digging up your whole yard.

When your drains back up, our technicians feed a video camera into the sewer at the end of a cable. Live video is sent back to a monitor, where our experts can identify the type, location and extent of the obstruction. We can immediately formulate a repair plan, whether it is clearing an obstruction, repairing a break or replacing a section of the drain line.

Our professionals can locate water line leaks in much the same way, minimizing invasive excavation to locate the source of a leak.

By visually marking where a problem is, repair work can be done more quickly and with minimal damage to yards, landscaping, and concrete patios and floors. The video can also provide valuable maintenance and planning information, allowing our experts to determine the overall condition of your drain line and the material from which it is constructed.

When your sewer backs up, call Gettemy for a high-tech solution. Ask our professionals about arranging a maintenance screening if you are concerned about the age or condition of your sewer lines.

Underground Downspouts Cleaned and Installed