Downspout Services

When it comes to keeping your basement dry, don’t forget to check your downspouts. If you are like most homeowners, you have graded the landscaping away from your foundation and faithfully cleared your gutters of leaves and debris. Finish the job with quality downspout services from Gettemy Drain.

Even if you clear your gutters regularly, leaves and sticks can find their way into the downspouts. The underground portion can also be neglected and allowed to deteriorate, yet it is crucial to carrying rainwater away from your foundation.

Our downspout service includes inspection of your entire gutter system to be sure it is operating properly. Debris that enters your downspout often collects at the bottom where the downspout meets the underground drain. Our technicians carefully separate the corrugated drain connection from the downspout, clear debris that has moved into the drain and inspect the drain for soundness and integrity. We remove debris that has moved deeper into the underground drain using an industrial snake.

Our professionals recommend you visually inspect downspouts monthly for damage, debris or pooling of rainwater that could suggest a clog or breakage. You can confirm the underground drains are clear by running water from a garden hose through the drain to be sure it flows.

For clogs, repairs, or to learn more about Gettemy Drain’s downspout services, call today.

Underground Downspouts Cleaned and Installed