High Pressure Jetting

Our high-pressure jetting service has proven to be highly effective in cases where a tough clog cannot be cleared using an industrial snake. We use a special nozzle which pressurizes the water and directs it into the sewer, forcing the clog through the line and even breaking up tree roots.

Basement, garage and driveway drains can be highly susceptible to clogging due to leaves, mud and tree roots. We first use our sewer camera to confirm that your back up is not caused by a break or collapse of the line before we consider jetting to clear the clog.

Jetting has several advantages when it comes to clearing difficult blockages.

  • Jetting can reach and clear excessive buildup in pipes that can’t be reached by a snake.

  • This method uses no chemicals.

  • Water under pressure actually cleans the grease and bacteria that collects on the sides of the sewer, leaving your pipes not only clear, but clean and free of odors.

  • Jetting is quick and simple, making it a cost-effective way to clear a deep clog.

Gettemy is pleased to offer our high-pressure jetting service in conjunction with our sewer camera service. Call today to safely and effectively clean and clear your sewer lines.

Underground Downspouts Cleaned and Installed